Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Financial Clarity® is a multi-family office providing wealth management services. Our financial advisory clients include wealthy individuals, families, retirement plans, foundations, and endowments. As of December 31, 2017, the firm had assets under management of approximately $1.5 billion.

While our primary mission is to develop, implement, and monitor your investment strategy, we also work to integrate your strategy with the other aspects of your financial situation, such as income tax and estate planning. Although we do not provide tax or legal advice, we interface with your legal and tax advisers to help coordinate your financial affairs.

We begin with an in-depth assessment of your current situation. After discussing your desires for the future, we develop a plan to restructure your assets and liabilities. Your strategy is completely customized to meet your unique needs and reflects decades of academic and professional experience. Our understanding of both your situation and the financial markets allows us to recommend specific investment actions. These investment recommendations are designed to provide attractive returns given the opportunities and risks implied by our forecast of the most probable economic scenarios. Please review the following link concerning Investment Risks.

Most of our clients are extremely busy and have relatively complex financial situations. Financial Clarity becomes your financial advocate, identifying issues and providing the information and guidance you need to make decisions that will determine your financial well-being in the future. These capabilities make Financial Clarity a valuable resource for financial advice in today's complicated and ever-changing financial environment.

Tax-free investors, such as foundations and endowments, that do not have the internal infrastructure to develop a fully diversified mix of investments can benefit from our unique ability to source, evaluate, and monitor investment opportunities. We allow the board members to focus on their primary mission rather than these demanding activities.


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